NYC subway

No city has a public transportation system that compares to NYC!  You can get all over the city pretty easily.  It runs 24 hours a day.  You may deal with a few interesting smells and pushy people, but you can’t beat the $2.25 rate.  We only took two short taxi rides.  I prefer the subway over the taxi in NYC!  Helped with the environment and had fun!  Check out the few pics I took.

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Pure Food and Wine- Amazing dinner!

Pure Wine and Food was recommended by a good friend, Renee Heigel.  Renee is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, check her out her website!  Pretty cool stuff on there.  I have to admit that I was a little “nervous” on whether I would like the food.  It is a raw/vegan restaurant.  WOW!!!  It was amazing and probably one of the best meals I have ever had.  I don’t eat raw or vegan, but love trying new things.

We had a cheese plate…..amazing…..no dairy and raw.  Ashley enjoyed their “signature” dish of tomato/zucchini lasagna.  I had the tamales…..DELISH!!!  Then after dinner we went around the corner to One Lucky Duck for desert.  It is their sister restaurant.  It has great deserts, juice and takeaway food.  I don’t eat sugar and here I was able to eat dessert, because they don’t use sugar.  We had their signature sundae.  This is somewhere I will be back to!

We had a fun adventure of getting there…..RAIN in NYC!!!  We walked to the train station.  (because it is very difficult to get a taxi in the rain).  Walking in my boots on the sidewalks were FUN.  It was a little slippery!

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Cafe Linda- NYC

While I was in NYC for the Avon walk in October 2010, we found this great little restaurant around the corner from our hotel.  It is a small Italian bistro style restaurant.  Whenever I am in NYC, I try to get there!  Great atmosphere, food and prices are great.  Ashley and I went there for lunch and it was delish!

Yummy Potato and Leak soup- Perfect for a cold/rainy day!

Amazing scallops and veggies!

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9/11 Memorial- New York City!

While visiting NYC this past weekend, Ashley and I went to the 9/11 memorial.  It was a moving experience.  I am glad we braved the wind and cold to see it!  It was great to hear all the construction happening in Lower Manhattan.  Enjoy the pictures.

Stone Rose Lounge- NYC

Stone Rose is my kind of place……very chill and relaxing!  And not a bad view, it is located in the Time Warner Building.  It over looks Central Park and Columbus Circle.  Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of that.  I will have to capture it next time I go!

Cool trees

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I spoke to Tony Bennett!

On Sunday night I dinner with colleagues in New York City!  It was a great night celebrating 2011 with our sales champions. While we were there Tony Bennett came in to have dinner.  I set my intentions that I was going to speak with him.  So, I did!  One of the ladies we were with was a fan and it was her birthday a few days prior.  So, I went up to him and asked him if we were still here when he left and he could say hello- that would be great.  He was so polite, he stood up when I went up to the table.  I was shaking after I spoke to him.  I am proud that I didn’t talk myself out of doing of speaking to him.  He has probably already forgotten about it, but I haven’t. Here are a few pictures that I were able to capture.  They aren’t that great, but we had fun trying to get them.

Pretending to take pictures of Michelle and Courtney!

“Travel with Laughter”

Spice Market- NYC

There are so many fun restaurants in the meatpacking district of NYC!  One of my favorites is Spice Market.  They have one of the best tasting menus.   On Nancy’s birthday she got a kumquat mojito and loved it.  Great food and drinks = great fun!

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One World Trade Center- NYC

Last weekend, while in NYC, we stayed in lower Manhattan.  This is an area that I don’t stay in very much.  Until we got there, I didn’t realize how close were to Ground Zero.  Here are a few pics of the construction of One World Trade. We didn’t get a chance to see the 9-11 memorial, but hope to go back.

Tribute to the Firefighters!

Across the street was an old church.

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Frye Boots Adventure

It was my sister’s 40th birthday and with this milestone she wanted a pair of Frye boots.  As her friends, we wanted to get her something that she will have for the next couple of decades.  So, off to NYC we went.  That is where the flagship store for The Frye Company is located.  Prior to Nancy wanting a pair of Frye Boots, I had never heard of them.  Now I am a huge fan!    It was a great adventure and fun times.  Going to NYC for shopping the Saturday prior to Christmas added to the adventure.  We had an amazing time and the staff at the store was amazing!  She got what she wanted.  We had an amazing sales clerk Christine!  Thank you for a great experience and product.

These were the winner!

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Avon Walk for Breast Cancer- New York October 2010

October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  In honor of that, I am blogging about my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2010.  In the spring of 2010 my sister called me to see if I wanted to participate in the Avon Walk.  After we looked at the schedule we decided on the New York walk in October 2010.  Training began and we set out to accomplish the walk.  Summer of 2010 was filled with many training walks…..some were tougher than others.  You learn a ton about yourself when you walk that much!  The walks were a combination of alone and many meeting my sister.  Some of my previous blogs were pictures taken from my training walks:  Valley Forge and Mystic, CT are just a couple of examples.  The Avon walk is a two day walk. First day is 26.2 miles and the second 13.1! Along with training we each were to raise $1,800.   We held a fundraiser in August 2010!  Thanks you to all of our friends who supported us and to the local businesses of Doylestown for their generous donations!  Our team’s name was TEAM LADYBUG!!!

Thank you Mary Ann for your donation!

One of the people we did the walk in honor of was my aunt. She joined us as our support for the weekend! It was great to have her there with us. Here are few memories from the walk!

It was chillier than we thought!

There were fun people to cheer you on and dance with you!

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge!

Her feet were KILLING her! Never know it through the smile!

Day Two! Ready to conquer the day and rested!

Crossing the 13.1 mile mark and our aunt was there to meet us!!!

We celebrated with a GREAT dinner at Asia de Cuba in New York City!

This was an amazing experience and one that I am sure we will do again.

“Travel with Laughter”


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