U2 is my favorite band! I remember waking up in January to texts from numerous friends letting me that U2 announced a stadium tour for the summer. It is the 30th anniversary for their album Joshua Tree, so they decided tour! They are playing the entire album. The planning began for what shows I would see them. It would be Miami and Philadelphia! I was able to get tickets for both and the fun part is they were back to back weekends. This is U2’s first stadium tour that I have seen in 6 years. During their tour in 2015, I saw them in LA. My favorite U2 show was that tour on the first night. Seeing U2 in a stadium is different experience. The graphics and stage were amazing!

Miami was a fun weekend trip with my friend Marie. We saw U2 together in LA and knew we wanted to go together again. Prior to this trip, I was not a fan of Miami. After spending a weekend in Miami with someone who knows the city, I am a fan! Thank you Marie! We had a great time at the show. It was great to hear Joshua Tree played in its entirety. I learned a lesson to not wait to the end of the concert, if you are taking an Uber. Miami doesn’t have the best logistics for Uber and 50,000 fans leaving at once. Our Uber driver was great in getting to a spot we could walk too or else we would still be waiting (LOL). There were a number of people blaming Uber and it was NOT their fault. When you have 50,000 people leaving at the same time, it creates issues. We had a great time at the show. There were some technical difficulty, but they overcame them. Red Hill Mining is one of my favorites on the album and I love hearing it live!









For the Philadelphia show, I had  GA tickets. I went with my friend Vicki, who is an experienced pit concert goer. She has seen Dave Matthews over 90 times and this was her third concert this week. U2 has no seats on their floor, which adds to the fun. It is wherever you can get a spot and enter the stadium in order. Every venue for the tour is doing different line-up for their shows. Philly started giving out numbers at 7 am. We were there at 8 am and fully prepared to wait in line all day. After we got our numbers, we were excited that we didn’t have to be back in line till 2pm. That was awesome, because we could go sit in the shade and relax. We went back to line and lined up. We were let into the stadium at 5 pm. Vicky got us right on the rail in the front on the main stage. Having seen the show before, I knew that most of the show happened on the main stage.

Here were my friend Vicky’s photos. The Lumineers opened for U2. She owns Flipdog Pilates and if you are in the area, you should check it out! Thank you Vicky for being a great concert partner and getting us  front row!



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