Chihuly Garden and Glass- Seattle, WA

Recently, I was in Seattle for the first time. It was a great trip for work and had a little bit of time to explore. A few years ago I saw a Chihuly exhibit in Park City, UT. There is a permanent exhibit at the base of the space needle and I knew I wanted to go. WOW! It was awesome. I highly recommend visiting the exhibit. Didn’t think I would be able to bring my camera, so these pictures were with my iPhone. Bring your camera, you can take pictures!























I love cooking!

For my friends who knew me in my 20s and early 30s, they probably can’t believe this statement: I love cooking! In my 20s, my idea of cooking was frozen dinners. There is nothing wrong with them and they fit my lifestyle at the time. However in 2001, I started a job that required travel and I realized when I was home I wanted home cooked meals. As I started learning more about food, I realized I wanted to know where it came from and what were the ingredients in the food. I started reading recipes and experimenting. I generally cook whole foods and let the natural flavor come out. I am sad when our local farmers market comes to an end in November, but happy there is a local food co-op now in Doylestown. One of my favorite things to make is soup, especially as the weather is getting cooler. It also is great to use my Cutco Cutlery to dice and chop!

I posted a picture of a chicken, kale and quinoa soup a few weeks ago on Facebook and some asked for the recipe. Here is the thing, the way I cook, I don’t follow recipes. I made the soup again today, so I thought I pass the “recipe” here. This time I changed it and put Gluten free pasta.


8 chicken legs
1 onion
handful of kale
3-4 carrots
2 parsnips
2 containers of chicken broth
box of quinoa or pasta

Place chicken in a crock pot. Cook till done. Slice and dice carrot, onion, and parsnips. Tear kale into small pieces. Place in large pot. Take chicken from crock pot and take off the bone. Place in pot. Add quinoa or pasta. Add chicken broth from crock pot and store-bought. Cook on low till done. Flavor to taste!

It’s easy and I love using local ingredients. The soup I made today has kale from a friends garden. Food is good for the soul! I get so much joy from sharing my creations with others. Happy Sunday!






Law of Attraction

We are on our yearly sister vacation. During this trip to the Languduac region we have noticed a couple of things there are very few taxis or elevators in the train stations. Both make for fun times when carrying heavy suitcases in train stations. Yesterday we were leaving our apartment in Montpillier and not looking forward to the 20 minute walk with our luggage. My intentions were set we would get a taxi. I turn around on the small street and see a yellow taxi, which I have never seen in France. We attract what we need at the perfect time!



Trip to Frontignan!

This morning we took a train to the seaside coastal town of Séte. It was fun to walk around. We enjoyed a lunch of local seafood.


After lunch we decided to visit some tasting rooms in Frontignan. We got the local bus to head there. We thought that we would see a sign that said Frontignan on one of the stops. Nope. Mental note: take a picture of the bus route with stops. We realized too late that we passed our stop. So, we got off at the next stop. It was in the middle of no where. We were laughing and as soon as we got off the bus it started raining. We got on another bus and headed back to Montpillier! It was a fun adventure. You will see my sister using her scarf as an “umbrella” and us standing under a tree.




Barcelona Sants

Our 4th Annual Sister’s vacation has begun! We are changing things up this year and using Barcelona as our airport. I miss Paris! We are traveling to the wine region of Languedoc Roussillon. We had about five hours in Barcelona yesterday waiting for our train. I had read that the train station had lockers! You put your bags through a scanner and our bags were safe. We were excited about not having to carry our bags around Barcelona!




Enjoying the beauty of Doylestown!

We are having a little heat wave in Doylestown. Tonight I went for a walk to enjoy the beauty and low humidity. The sun was setting at one of my favorite spots. Enjoy!



St. Louis Arch

When I tell people, I am in St. Louis for the first time, they are surprised. I do travel a lot, but there are some major cities I have I yet to visit! For my walks yesterday and today, I walked down to the arch. It’s pretty cool!












Peaceful Morning on the Lake

Words aren’t needed, when this is your morning view!


Out Of My Comfort Zone!

What is out of your comfort zone?

For me its heights and activities on the water. While I was in California a few weeks ago, I did both. First we went to Trapeze High in Escondido. When we go out of our comfort zone, we need those that are in theirs, to reassure us. For me, I was not afraid of the trapeze. I knew that the safety ropes and staff had me, I was afraid of the of the 23 foot ladder to get to that point. Once I knew the procedure and pattern, I felt safe. Below are some pics of me taken while “flying.”

For me paddle board yoga was out of my comfort zone. Some people ask why, it’s because I don’t really know how to swim. I can float, but swimming is not my strength. So, for me, water sports are out of my comfort zone. We took a class with Floating Yogis in Carlsbad. It was great! The instructors helped you and pushed you safely into poses. I am proud to say I didn’t fall in the water. However, if I did what was the worse that would have happened. I would have gotten wet! Thank you Sarah!

I learned to trust those that are experts in their fields to do things that are out of my comfort zone! Both of these experiences were VERY empowering I HIGHLY recommend both of these places, if in the area.










Doylestown, PA- July 2014

Today’s weather felt like a warm fall day and not a typical July 20th hot day! I LOVE Sundays with no plans. I had an awesome breakfast at Domani Star and then went for a walk with the camera! I had fun with flowers, bees and buildings! Some of you may not know that I have my photos available for sale.  Also, I have started a Facebook page for my photography.  Have a great week!




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