Rifle Falls- Rifle, Colorado

On a trip to Grand Junction, CO, with my parents, we made a rest stop in Rifle, CO. I spoke with the tourism office and found out that there was a waterfall a little north of the town. We decided to go and explore. It was beautiful weather and a nice little walk from the parking area. This is one of those times as a photographer I wish I had a tripod with me. My dad had mentioned there was a restaurant in Rifle that all the servers carried a six shooter. We didn’t search it out, but it was the restaurant I found for us to eat. It’s called Shooter’s Grill and the food was good. As a “city girl” I felt out of the place, but you know my motto “Travel with Laughter.”

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Philadelphia As A Tourist!

In March, my friend Norma and her family visited Philadelphia over their spring break. They are from Texas, so the cold weather wasn’t too bad for them for a week. They were visiting a number of cities in the Northeast. Philadelphia was their last stop and I met them in the city to show them the sites! It was so much fun being a tourist in Philadelphia. I need to do this more!  

We visited The Rocky statue, had a cheesesteak tasting (Geno’s and Pat’s), visited Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell and finished with a great dinner! It was a fun day exploring the birthplace of America, so I thought it appropriate that I posted this blog on July 4th. While we visited Independence Hall, we had a special treat. We got to see the second floor and it was my first time seeing the second floor.

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Where do you learn leadership?

Leadership is all around us when we are open to learning. In the summer of 1991, I started working for Vector Marketing. Who would have thought answering that ad in the newspaper would lead to my careers. I never thought that I would working here 24 years later. When I started as a sales representative for Cutco, I was not the superstar. I did develop into a pretty good sales rep and that is because we have a great program in place that teaches reps how to improve. During my career with Vector, I have learned from many different leaders.

Since 2001, I have worked in our Campus Recruiting Department. My current role is to lead the Campus Recruiting Department with recruiting on campus along with our local office managers. About 10 years ago I met Sam Ratcliffe. He is the career center director at Virginia Military Academy. I met Sam at an Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) conference. Have you ever met someone and just know you have lots to learn from them. Sam is one of the people when you speak with, you are the only person in the room. That is an amazing skill to have and one that I find myself working to improve. For the past year, Sam has been the President of National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Sam is one of the best leaders I have seen in action. He has learned how to use his skills and lead. “Everyone loves Sam” and that is one of the things that I took away from the NACE conference this year. So, I decided to ask some of his colleagues what they love about Sam:

“He is broad thinking, strategic, listens and guides collaboratively, and is oh so humble.” -Donna Cassell Ratcliffe

“His eloquence no matter what the situation- he can make ordering lunch sound better than anyone. Second is his incredibly kind and generous heart. He always asks how you are.” -Marie Artim

“His mentorship and support of women and individuals of color has been tremendous. he has been a sponsor, mentor and friend launching careers for a number of professionals in the industry. I can name a good long list.” -Adrienne Alberts

“When Sam really starts laughing, the whole room laughs with him. The man knows how to give a bear hug! Sam’s leadership style never screams “look at me”…but his observations always get our full attention.” -David Ong

“He is one of the most genuine persons I know. He remembers people, who they are, what they care about and he genuinely acknowledges his friends and colleagues along the way. He is a visionary, while always remembers how the past informs our future.” -Norma Guerra Gaier

I have been blessed over the past 24 years with Vector to learn from all different types of leaders both in Vector and the professional organizations I am a member! I am a constant student of learning from others.

What would one of my blogs be without photos. Here are some that I took while at EACE conference in Pittsburgh.


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Doylestown in Full Bloom- May 2, 2015

Doylestown has beauty in every season and this year spring came alive! After a long cold winter, we were happy to see the beauty of the flowers blooming. I was motivated to do a photography walk. On this walk, I took one of the lenses I don’t use very much, my 50mm. It took a while to get used to the lens, so half of the pics weren’t usable. Hope you enjoy the beauty of Doylestown and the pictures don’t make you sneeze. While I was walking around, I stopped by one of my favorite stores in Doylestown, Chris’ Cottage. If you are in Doylestown, this is a must stop by! Also, many of the pics were taken by the Michener and Mercer Museums.

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U2 Los Angeles- May 31, 2015

Seeing U2 two nights in a row was AWESOME! The first night we had tickets for the floor. (Saw a news report that George Clooney and his wife were there. Too bad we never saw him) The second night our tickets were in the 200 level. Both shows were awesome! It was great to see the huge screen that we couldn’t see from the floor very well. I will need to look at the schedule to see where I can see them again. 


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U2 Los Angeles- May 30, 2015

U2 is my favorite band. The first time I saw them was in Hershey, PA. They did a last minute show there, when they were rehearsing for Zoo TV Tour. 

Last night I was at U2’s show at The Forum in LA! This week I am in Anaheim for a conference, so it worked out perfectly. My friend Marie and I had tickets for the floor. Wish I could have brought in my DSLR, but the iPhone did pretty well. We were one row off the rail in the catwalk area! We met amazing people. It was fun to see a first time young boy be at his first U2 show and first concert. 

U2 does an amazing show. They use the whole floor and there is a massive screen, so there are no bad seats in the house. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. 

We are headed back tonight!


Front Row Foundation 10 year anniversary shirt in the front row of U2!















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Memorial Day Parade 2015- Doylestown, PA

The oldest Memorial Day Parade in the United States is in Doylestown! I love the parade and the support the crowds show the Veterans. I have the best seat! Thank you to all our veterans. 



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Adventures in San Francisco, CA

In December of 2014, I traveled to San Francisco, CA. In all my travels, this is only my second time in SF. I was so excited. One of my friends arranged for a dinner at Slanted Door. I was so excited and a couple of friends recommended it when I said I was going to SF. It was delicious and they accommodated me being Gluten Free amazingly. There was only a little time for exploring, but I had beautiful weather for my exploring. During the beginning part of the week, there was record rainfall!

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Spring is in Full Bloom- Doylestown, PA

Doylestown is in full bloom and WOW it is beautiful! It has been a long cold winter, so we are all happy that spring has arrived. I got inspired looking at all the beauty and took my camera with me during a walk. I also brought one of the lenses that I don’t use very much, my 70-200mm 2.8. It is a beautiful lens, but it is heavy. I got the workout on this walk!

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Spring has Sprung in Doylestown!

While I was in Houston, spring came alive in Doylestown. The trees and flowers are blooming. They were beautiful during my walk around town tonight. I am excited that it is warm enough to walk! Have a great week.




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