Adventures in San Francisco, CA

In December of 2014, I traveled to San Francisco, CA. In all my travels, this is only my second time in SF. I was so excited. One of my friends arranged for a dinner at Slanted Door. I was so excited and a couple of friends recommended it when I said I was going to SF. It was delicious and they accommodated me being Gluten Free amazingly. There was only a little time for exploring, but I had beautiful weather for my exploring. During the beginning part of the week, there was record rainfall!

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Spring is in Full Bloom- Doylestown, PA

Doylestown is in full bloom and WOW it is beautiful! It has been a long cold winter, so we are all happy that spring has arrived. I got inspired looking at all the beauty and took my camera with me during a walk. I also brought one of the lenses that I don’t use very much, my 70-200mm 2.8. It is a beautiful lens, but it is heavy. I got the workout on this walk!

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Spring has Sprung in Doylestown!

While I was in Houston, spring came alive in Doylestown. The trees and flowers are blooming. They were beautiful during my walk around town tonight. I am excited that it is warm enough to walk! Have a great week.



Spring in Doylestown!

For those of us who are living the Northeast, we really haven’t had a spring. Spring is starting to blossom this weekend. Mother Nature has been holding onto winter. Even this past week, it has been in the 40s and COLD. One of my favorite things to do is take a walk. It allows me to think and it allows me to see “spring” and nature come alive. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been able to take a “couple” of walks and here is the beauty that is beginning to blossom!


New Orleans at Christmas!

It is funny how conferences for me end up being in the same town in one year. Last year it was Indianapolis and New Orleans. I was there a couple of times to each city and in 2015 it is Austin, which is one of my favorites! Here are some pics from NOLA at Christmas. It was my first time being there at Christmas. We found a great restaurant Cane and Table! I will be returning there. They had spoon bread with chicken fat butter. Also, most of their items are Gluten Free. I also had AWESOME chargrilled oysters at Drago’s. I am making myself hungry typing this blog.


Boating in Rhode Island- July 2014

So, this blog is a little mis-titled! I actually didn’t go boating in July of 2014. The boating club closed due to storms and we couldn’t take out boats, but it allowed me to get some cool shots of the boats in the marina and those under anchor. We had some great oysters in Newport! Rhode Island in the summer is amazing!

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Albet i Noya- Penedès Wine Region

The last stop for our day with Paddy from El Moli Tours was to Albet i Noya. They are a winery that focuses in organic wine making. I loved seeing the experimental wines that they were making. They mentioned that they have had one of these wines go into production. We had a fun tour of the their facilities and you will notice that I fun with photographing the wine cellar. We earned the tasting after taking the stairs to the cellar. The Penedès Wine Region is beautiful to explore and some of the best wineries we have toured during our adventures.

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Jean Leon Winery

We had a great day doing our wine tours in the wine region of Penedès, Spain. Our second stop with Paddy from El Moli Wine tours was Jean Leon Winery. It was another great visit and different from our first stop. Our tour started with the movie about Jean Leon’s life. I love how he started with nothing and built so much! Need to go to La Scala in Beverly Hills where all of their wines are served. It was a beautiful day for a tasting outside.

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Clos Lentiscus- AMAZING Wine and Cava Tasting!

Our last day in Barcelona was spent doing a wine tour in the Penedès wine region. We hired El Moli Tours and our tour guide was Paddy. We took the train from Barcelona to Penedès and it was quite the adventure. The ticket machine wouldn’t take any of our credit cards and it wouldn’t accept cash. We have taken many trains and bought many tickets, so it was strange for us to have issues. We think it is because most US credit cards don’t use chips. Thank you to the random women who helped and showed us where to go and what to do. We definitely started our trip that morning with #TravelWithLaughter!

Our first stop for the day was was Clos Lentiscus. I fell in LOVE with their Cava. We had an amazing tour and tasting with Manel. They are a small production winery and it was so much fun to see them with passion about what they produce! If you follow my blog, you know that I have done a few wine tastings. This is probably one of my favorites.

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Food and Wine Tour of Barcelona!

During our time in Barcelona, we did a food and wine tour. We chose Taste Barcelona and we all had a great time. For our tour there were four of us and a couple from Australia, who were on their honeymoon. It was a great way to get to know the city. I highly recommend Paul and his company (this is NOT a paid advertisement). We wish we had done the tour earlier in our stay in Barcelona, but the schedule didn’t work out. There were places we would have liked to go back and visit. I guess we will have to go back to Barcelona! It was a great combination of food, wine and history of the city.

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