A Day With No Plans in Barcelona!

One of the days we had in Barcelona, we had no plans during the day. So my sister and I headed out to explore the city. We didn’t know that city that well. After this trip, we realized one of the best things to do, if you are going to be in a city for a few days (and not familiar with it) is to bus tour. That way you see the highlights and know where you want to go back too. Hindsight is 20/20. We had a great lunch, did some shopping and got Gelato! It was fun to have no plans and just hang out with my sister!


First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring! We are ready for it in Doylestown.  The snow is pretty, but time for it to go. Have a great first day of spring.



Journey to Montserrat Spain!

After a week in France, we stayed a few days in Barcelona. In 2002, I visited Barcelona with Vector Marketing. One of the excursions of the trip was to visit Montserrat. It was a trip in the evening and I wasn’t really able to capture any pictures. We did take a bus with a couple hundred people up the mountain. There were a number of people who didn’t handle the bus ride all that well, you will see the road in a couple of pictures. I didn’t realize at night what the roads looked like. I learned how to “Travel with Laughter” way before it was a way of life. It was beautiful! So, when I knew we really didn’t have any plans on Sunday in Barcelona. I decided I wanted to go back and capture some pictures. After speaking with concierge at my hotel, I started the adventure. We were visiting Barcelona during a time when Catalonia wanted to vote to succeed from Spain. I went to the train station and when I emerged from underground there were lots of SWAT police and military tanks. I was taken back by the show of force, but there were no protesters yet. They were prepared. I thought about turning around at that point, but I didn’t. I found the train station and bought tickets. While on the train, I met a nice British couple. In speaking with them, they told me that one of the ways to get to Montserrat was on strike. I have been in Europe before when there has a been a train strike/slow down. Little did I know this time I would have to stand in line for over two hours till I got the Telefric de Montserrat Aeri. It was the only way to get to the top of the mountain, because of the strike. Here I thought I was in good shape being at the train early! The area is breathtaking. This is now twice I have had “fun” traveling there. I don’t think I will be planning another trip to Montserrat. Exploring At the same time that I wanted to leave, so did everyone else who went UP the mountain. The train returning to Barcelona was packed and had to stand. If traveling to Montserrat, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to stand.

This was a day that put “Travel with Laughter” to the test! I can laugh about it now.

It really is one of the most beautiful churches I have seen and glad that I ventured there. I was able to light a candle for those in my life that are battling health issues.

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Park Güell- Barcelona, ES

After spending the week in France, we headed back to Barcelona. For this trip we were using Barcelona as our base. The last time I was in Barcelona was for a trip with the company I work for Vector Marketing.  At that time I really wasn’t into photography, so I don’t have any pics and only remember a couple of the things we did.  I remember Park Güell, it was designed by Gaudi.  You will notice, I took a lot of pictures and could have taken so many more.  Piece of advice if you are planning on visiting any of the Gaudi venues, buy your tickets before going.  We ended up having to wait to enter the Park.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Wine tour and tasting Château Capitoul- Narbonne, FR

The last wine tasting and tour with Vin en Vacances was at Château Capitoul.  It is a beautiful setting with yummy wines.  The Château we were staying at is renovating another Château on their grounds.  That means another visit!

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Lunch At The Island of Saint Martin of Gruissan’s Saltern

After our wine tasting on the Canal du Midi, we went to lunch.  The area we went to for lunch is known for its salt fields.  I grew up not really using salt. The salts from here was so good and has a fresh taste. Recently, I have gotten into cooking with local spices to enhance the natural flavors vs. overpowering the food.  I LOVED the salts here and was sure to bring some home.  We had lunch at La cambuse du Saunier – Restaurant.  As for the food, it was my type of place.  Some of the freshest seafood I have ever had in an outside setting with yummy wines.  It was all simple and yummy.  I love cooking that lets the food do the work.  If in the area, I highly recommend visiting.

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Domaine de Cibadiés Wine Tour and Tasting on Canal du Midi

We started off our wine tour with Vin en Vacances off by visiting the Domaine de Cibadiés winery.  There is always a lot of activity occurring when you visit the wineries after harvest.  That is the case here too. What is interesting is that Nancy and I have never done a wine tour when there are grapes on the vines. Maybe that will change this year! It was cool to see the grapes from harvest going through the process.  There is always debate on whether concrete or steel is better.  After we toured the winery and met the winemaker, we boarded a boat and tasted their wines on the Canal du Midi.  What a great morning with Wendy and Marcel.

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Wine dinner with Wendy Gedney at CHÂTEAU LES CARRASSES

We were visiting the Langeudoc Roussillon wine region of France. We like to find a local wine tour company for our wine tours. In this region we used Vin en Vacances.  During the time we were there Wendy (the owner) was conducting a wine tour weekend.  We were only able to join for one night and the next day.  At the Château les Carrasses there was a wine dinner.  We were looking forward to this event.  I loved the way in which Wendy conducted the dinner.  During each course we had two wines to taste.  It allowed you to see how the different wines and styles impacted the food.  It was interesting to see how everyone had different opinions about which ones they liked better.  Wine tasting is a very personal experience and how the food pairs with it changes how you like the wines.

Can’t wait till my next visit to the Château!

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Doylestown Snow- March 2015

Today we had the largest snow fall of the season in Doylestown. I know my friends in New England are rolling their eyes. I have heard reports of 8 inches to 11 inches. Not sure, but it snowed all day and ended around 5pm. The snow blowers and plows are going now!

Most of the area had a snow day. Snow Days aren’t like they used to be. With the advancement of technology, you can still get a work day done. For me that was great! Got lots done with no distractions. After I got done working, I headed out with my camera for some pictures. I almost want to go back out and get some nighttime snow shots, but I am going to stay inside. It’s getting cold out! A good number of these pictures were taken at the Michener Museum in Doylestown. Enjoy the photos from where ever you are. They can be purchased on my website.


Château Les Carrasses- Languedoc, South of France

WOW!!!! The next stop on our Languedoc-Roussillon region adventure was Château Les Carrasses. It was definitely a WOW and a place I would LOVE to visit in the summer. It is surrounded by vineyards and trails for walks or bike rides.  We were excited about our first day here, our goal was to relax and have a picnic lunch in the vineyards. Mother Nature was on our side, it was calling for rain. The weather was PERFECT! We relaxed in the morning and drank champagne while we found the hidden spots on the grounds.  After we explored the grounds we picked up our picnic lunch and headed into the vineyards.  Now, what is interesting about this day, is that I don’t have any pictures of our lunch.  We found a spot and thought it would be good, till the bugs started to invade our goodies.  We ate pretty quickly.  If you are in the area, I HIGHLY recommend the Château and our goal is to visit again in the summer.  They have rooms with their own private pools and it was a little chilly for us to use the pool.  We had a great room with a shower in one of the turret’s of the château. We felt like we were in heaven!

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