The Riverwalk- San Antonio, TX

Last week, I was in San Antonio for a conference. This was the location for the Year End Banquet of Vector Marketing’s Southwest Region. It was a great location to explore. The last time I was there was in June. It was HOT and there were thunderstorms, so I didn’t get a chance to walk the Riverwalk area. This time I was able to see the beauty and there were no crowds early in the morning. I was loving the warm weather (it was in the 60s). There was also a great arts festival, so I did some shopping too!












Boarding Passes 2014

Last year, I saw a fellow travel blogger post a picture of their boarding passes from the year. I know many travelers don’t print their passes anymore. Guess I am old school, and still do. Lots of memories with great people is the memory with each of these pieces of paper! Cheers to a great 2015 and Traveling with Laughter!


Doylestown at Christmas!

The difference a year makes.  Last year at this time we had a few snow storms already.  It was a winter wonderland and one of our snowiest winters in recent memory.  This year is a different story and has been a warm winter (all of one week!).  This past week, I saw friends posting on Facebook that they were getting snow in Lubbock, TX. In Doylestown, it’s been in the 50s this week.  Yesterday, I took advantage of the warm winter weather and went for a walk.  I captured the Christmas decorations during the day around town.  I hope to make it outside over the next couple of days to capture the beauty of the lights.   Enjoy!

This pictures can be purchased here.


Afternoon in Sète, FR!

After a fun lunch, we walked to the Mediterranean Sea. It was the first time for all of us to see the Mediterranean. The area we were in was not the beautiful beaches and blue waters you think of when you think of the Mediterranean. It was cool to see the Mediterranean and I look forward to visiting it again. The area of Sète we were in was a fishing port. The seafood we had on this trip was the best I have ever had. I loved the architecture of the area. We were there during the “off season” and I am sure the area is bustling when it is the summer time! After our walk around Sète we were heading to Frontigan for some wine tasting. We never made it there and had our best “Travel With Laughter” moment during the trip!


Lunch in Sète, FR

After our walk around Sète trying to find the Office de Tourisme, we had lunch. I made the mistake of not taking a picture of the restaurant, so I have no idea where we ate. What I do know is that it was on the water and had a great view. One of the things we learned while dining here was to watch what people order. There were fish in the front of the restaurant. After we watched a few tables we realized that they cooked them to order and de-boned them for you. We had a speciality of the area. It is mussels and calamari stuffed with sausage. We all like the mussels, but the calamari wasn’t our favorite. The desserts and wine were awesome!


Morning in Sète, FR

The second day of our trip we traveled to the small town of Sète, on the Mediterranean. Our typical planning is we pick a town that is accessible via a short train ride from where we are staying. It is always fun traveling by train and trying to buy train tickets. Between figuring out the ticket machines and buying tickets, we are quite the comedy show. Most US based credit cards don’t have chips, so we usually need to find a coin change machine. In the smaller French towns its always fun to find someone who speaks enough English to help us. We were traveling with laughter on our second day! One of the ways we picked the towns to visit on this trip was by looking at pics on Instagram. It was cool to look at real pics from people vs. the tourist websites. We really didn’t know much about what to do in Sète, so we went to go find the Office de Tourisme. It was quite difficult to find, every corner had a sign pointing in a different direction. We ended up getting quite the tour of Sète. We found the office and then went to lunch, which will be the next post. Enjoy my photos from our walk around the town.


Tapas in Barcelona!

Finally, I have had time to download my pictures from our vacation in October! This year we flew into Barcelona and took the train to Montpellier, FR. We had a few hours to wait for the train, so we went to the train station and put our luggage in the lockers at the train station. We found a restaurant that had tapas and sangria. This was some of the best sangria we had the whole trip! I have no clue the name of the restaurant, I was jet lagged and didn’t take my usual picture of the front of the restaurant.


La Girafe- Montpellier, FR

For those of you that have been reading my blog, you know that once a year I take a vacation with my sister. October 2014 was our fourth annual trip. We traveled to Barcelona (I know, I missed Paris) and took the train to the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. We used Montpellier as our base and did day trips from there. Our first day was planes, trains and automobiles. We rented an AirBNB apartment and it was perfect. It was great to have a two bedroom apartment for the three of us. We had a friend join us on our adventures this year. The mother of the person we rented from brought us to this AWESOME restaurant! We were grateful for her showing us around, because we would have never found anything. The pics below aren’t in order, but you get the idea of the GREAT meal we had at La Girafe! It was the perfect way to start off the trip.
















Walk around the French Quarter!

Earlier this week, I was in New Orleans for work. Before my meetings started, I was able to walk around the French Quarter. Love the balconies and food in NOLA. I am not a fan of Bourbon Street and never even stepped foot on it!








Why I started my blog!

It is hard for me to believe that I started “Travel with Laughter” in March of 2012. As a road warrior, I realized we all need more love, laughter and joy in our world! It is hard for me to believe that this will be my 598th blog. Over the past year, I haven’t been as consistent with my blogs, as I was in the beginning. Recently, I was in DC for the DECA Power Trip Conference. I am blessed that my job with Vector Marketing allows me to travel.  While I was there, I slowed down while going from one place to place. I looked around and took a few pictures. I know some people “live” through taking pictures. I take pictures to slow down and enjoy what is around me.  Here are a few of the shots that I took during my trip and over the past week.










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