Temple de Diana- Nîmes, FR

Temple de Diana is located in Jardins de la Fontaine.  I LOVE all of the Roman ruins in Nîmes.  I am amazed how this structure was built between 100AD – 199AD.  I am in awe of the buildings built by the Romans with no “modern” tools. Still to this day no one knows exactly what Temple de Diana was used for by the Romans.


Les Jardins de la Fontaine- Nîmes, FR

After visiting Maison Carrée, we walked to Les Jardins de la Fontaine.  By the pictures, you will notice we had sunshine on the way to the park.  As soon as we stepped into the park, it started pouring rain. It allowed for some great photos with the beauty of the park and umbrellas.  Good thing we had our umbrellas!  It is such a beautiful area.

Maison Carrée- Nîmes, FR

Nîmes has so much Roman architecture to see! It was a great balance between shopping, history and food. After our lunch we did some shopping. If you follow my blog regularly, you know I am not a big shopper. However, the people I travel with usually like to shop. So, I take LOTS of pictures. We had purchased tickets for admission to the three main Roman Ruins. The second one we went to was Maison Carrée. The timing of the movie didn’t work, so we walked around it and found a cool restaurant across from the Maison Carrée. We enjoyed wine while looking at our great view. This wine became our favorite on the trip, now to just find it for sale in the US!


La Petit Mas- Lunch in Nîmes, FR

Our trip to France and Barcelona in October 2014 was our best yet for food. Every meal was amazing. We don’t do much research on restaurants before we head on vacation. Now I know for some travelers that is unheard of on trips. We love exploring and asking people for recommendations. That is how we found our restaurant for lunch in Nîmes. After visiting the arena, we did a little shopping and I asked a shop owner where she recommended. La Petit Mas was her recommendation and it was awesome! As soon as we sat down it started raining outside, so our timing was perfect for a long lunch. I don’t have a picture of Nancy’s salad, but it had a side of cheese fondue. Salads in France are nothing like they are in the US. Until our cousin ordered one and we saw it a few years ago, we would have never known. We also fell in love the way they chilled their white wines in the bags. The architecture surrounding the restaurant was so beautiful. Prior to our trips to France, I didn’t think I like white wines. However, now that is not the case. French whites are amazing!


Arena of Nîmes, FR

The first place we visited in Nîmes was the Arena. It is amazing Roman architecture. It was cool to see it in it the Summer of 2014 when the Tour de France finished a stage in Nîmes. They had done a lot of work on the streets and the center of town. I have yet to travel to Italy, so this was my first time seeing Roman architecture. I did find the outside more photogenic than the inside of the arena.


Walk around Nîmes, FR

I LOVE history! During our last trip we used Montpellier, FR has our base. We loved the easy access to the trains. When we first started to plan this trip, we thought we could easily get to Arles. That wasn’t the case. After speaking with my cousin, we decided to head to Nîmes. After doing some research, we realized that there are some great sites to see and awesome Roman architecture. We love having a plan to see one or two things and then seeing where the day takes us. That was our plan in Nîmes. There was so much beauty walking to the Arena of Nîmes. We also found someone I trusted that took a picture of the three of us, which is rare.


I Love My Job!

This week, I am traveling to the warm weather to visit colleges and universities for Vector Marketing. It feels good to escape the cold of the Northeast and I went for a great walk this morning! I love my job for more than just travel. It is great to help students gain skills in sales. They are able to use these skills while working with us and in future skills. Have a great Wednesday.








Snowed in!

In 14 years of travel, I have never been delayed overnight because of weather. Last weekend I was in Chicago for Vector Marketing’s Central Region’s Year End Banquet. I was so excited because my cousins recently moved to the area and I was going to see them after the event.  After watching the weather, I knew I wouldn’t get out on Sunday. So, we had snow/blizzard day.  We had fun trekking to the restaurant for lunch and watching movies. It was exactly what I needed! Thanks to my cousins for the yummy food and hosting me an extra night.  I knew it was bad when I got to the airport and the national reporters (Kevin Tibbles from NBC) were reporting from O’Hare.  I was glad to make it home on Monday.








The Jack Effect!!

It is after 11 pm and I should be sleeping, but I am not. I got into bed and the spirit moved me to get up and write about a 10 year old hero! Jack Burke. For those of you that read my blog regularly, I have written about him a couple of times. This hero moves me and never ceases to amaze me.  As you all know I love to have fun and help people.  Well, The Children’s Tumor Foundation has combined those two things.  On February 14th there will be lots of people running outside in their underwear to raise money and awareness for Neurofibromatosis.  In short, Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder and your body can grow tumors everywhere you have a nerve ending. So, people with Neurofibromatosis can and will grow many tumors.  Some are visible and some aren’t.  Last year, I had the honor of meeting another family in Doylestown whose son Owen has Neurofibromatosis.  They are the race directors of the Philly Undie Run.

I am proud to say that I am “running” this year!  My sister, friends, and colleagues are part of the CureNFwithJack team in Philadelphia.  We will be running in our underwear on the 14th!  Yes, my dad reads the blog and is just finding out we are doing this.  Don’t worry, thermal underwear counts, right!!

So, what is “The Jack Effect?”  My goal was to raise at a minimum $250, because you get a VIP open bar.  Before I left work, I sent out an e-mail to a few friends. Guess what! In the matter of a half an hour, I had over $400 in donations and in a few more hours I have received another $250.  People who have never met Jack are donating because he is just that special. Jack and others are heroes.  Thank you to all who have helped! I spoke with Jack’s dad, Jake, tonight and told him I am going to start the #thejackeffect hashtag. You really realize what is important in life when you meet Jack and other’s like him.

Check out the website that one of our friends created for the ten teams around the country running for CureNFwithJack: http://unbouncepages.com/curenfwithjack/

If the spirit moves you to donate, here is my sister’s link (she needs to get to the VIP open bar): http://my.cupids.org/NancyScheidt

In April of 2014, the Front Row Foundation blessed Jack and his family with a Magic Show.  I was there and this is my favorite picture for the day.  Here is what Jake (Jack’s dad) says about this photo: “Not sure what you see in this photo of Jack from his Front Row Foundation experience. What I see is a moment of pure excitement, joy and wonder. All the things that kids like him should be focused on as they discover who they are in this world. What I see is success. A successful trip that met the goal of all those involved and then some. I see a kid who has forgotten about his tumors, his therapies and his damn chemo. I see a kid thankful for what he is seeing. I see astonishment and wonder. Thanks to all of Jack’s friends and fans near and far who helped make this trip happen. And thank you all who contribute your time, talent and treasure to help us find a cure. #endNF. #curenfwithjack.com”.

Jack Burke FRF event-0651

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help find a cure so Jack, Owen and others can forget forever about doctors, chemo, and illness.


The Riverwalk- San Antonio, TX

Last week, I was in San Antonio for a conference. This was the location for the Year End Banquet of Vector Marketing’s Southwest Region. It was a great location to explore. The last time I was there was in June. It was HOT and there were thunderstorms, so I didn’t get a chance to walk the Riverwalk area. This time I was able to see the beauty and there were no crowds early in the morning. I was loving the warm weather (it was in the 60s). There was also a great arts festival, so I did some shopping too!













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