In 2011 is when my sister and I started our yearly vacations to Europe. It started when we went to visit our cousins who were living in Paris. During that trip we visited the Loire Valley and we stayed at La Grande Maison. It is an AMAZING bed and breakfast that we want to visit again. When we arrived there was a bottle of Rosé waiting for us and we went for a walk in the vineyards. That is where we decided to do a yearly trip visiting a different wine region. Since then we have had amazing trips and memories. Our first trip to France included a trip to the Champagne Region. That is where we fell in love with Champagne. Since then we have asked our wine tours to include wineries that produce bubbles.

Our trip to the Douro Valley with Wine Moments and Gourmet included a trip to Caves da Murganheira, which produces great sparkling wine. The Douro Valley not only impressed us with their wines and port, but also with their tasting rooms. They were all so beautiful! So far the Douro has been Check out the wall artwork in the photos below that are made out of the tops of the corks bottles. Since we weren’t in the Champagne region of France the bubbles at Maurganheira are called sparkling wines. They are produce their sparkling wines in the traditional method tradition.

Photos can be purchased on my photography website.


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