For the second year on Labor Day weekend, the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales visited Doylestown. Last year, I was on vacation when they visited. The temperature was in the 70s and no humidity, which was perfect. They brought the crowds to Doylestown, which was great for the local businesses. There were eight beautiful Clydesdales and they are an average of six years old. They are approximately 18 hands. Which I didn’t realize how big they were, till I was “standing” next to them. The horses delivered a case of beer to the different bars in Doylestown. I had a fun time “running” around town to get some photos. They don’t move too fast, so I was able to see them in a few different spots.

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The crowds amazed me and Doylestown came out to support the event. Here are some photos of the Clydesdales coming down Main Street:

Next, I went to Penn Tapproom to capture some photos. Thank you to Albie from Penn Tapproom for allowing me to go the second floor and capture the case being delivered from above the crowds.

My friends were at the last stop of their route, Villa Capri. I was able to get closer to the horses at Villa Capri, which was less crowded.


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