As I had mentioned in previous blogs, this was my third visit to Aruba. During the other two trips, I didn’t do much exploring of the island.  This time I wanted to explore the island.  I rented a jeep with three friends! We were handed a map and were told it was easy to follow the loop of all the sights.  Those were the famous last words.  The maps were not good or easy to follow and we were unable to get any reception to pull up a map on our phone.  My advice is you print your own map before traveling to Aruba.  Our goal was to head to the lighthouse, which is at the most northern part of the island. However, the roads to get there were closed and we somehow ended up at the most southern part of the island.  At one point in the day we started following a tour bus, with the hopes of finding the road we needed.  That was a good thought, but not successful. Aruba was about to have an election and almost got caught in the parade.  We had so much fun and once we got on the road to Baby Beach we found a guy selling coconuts.  We got a couple of them and our adventure was underway!

The first few pictures were the view I had outside my hotel room!





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