Warm weather in February! This year I was blessed to have two meetings in North Beach Miami during the month of February. Even though we have had a “mild” winter in Doylestown, it always feels good to feel the warm sun. I loved my quiet morning walks on the beach. Life is good! The sun had risen and the beach was busy with early risers, which is fun to watch.  

The clouds were allowing for some dramatic photos.

Love the drama I was able to create with a little editing.

It was a windy morning and you can see the sea grass blowing. I could sit and have this view all day.

The warm wind was blowing. At the Deauville in Miami, I felt like I was on a Caribbean Island.

Great food and great laughs with a great team that I work with at Vector Marketing.


These were all over the beach. No idea what they were.

Anyone know what this is? They were all over the beach.

I had fun with my artistic side! Love the view. The fisherman on the beach loved I was taking pics and showed me the best angles.

Footprints in the sand! It’s more of a workout than you think to walk on the beach.

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