Most people don’t realize how much I love National Parks. The reason why that surprises most people is I don’t like camping. My idea of camping is Marriott! Hahaha. America really is beautiful and one of my favorite things to do with my parents is visit them. Nothing beats the National Parks in the Western part of the US. Utah is absolutely beautiful. My parents aren’t up to hiking so we these pictures were taken from the pull-off areas along the road. We were staying in Grand Junction, CO and it is very close to Utah. Since we have started visiting the parks, my mom has taken up photography. It is so cute to see her taking pictures. She is getting good!

We drove to Moab from Grand Junction via Route 191. It is a very scenic route and to fully enjoy, it needs to be taken slowly. There aren’t any rest areas or places for snacks/water, so be prepared. Depending on how many times you stop for photos will dictate how long the drive is for you.

If there are any of the photos you would like to purchase, you can go to my website.

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