We began our adventures in Portugal in Porto. We fell in love with Porto and immediately wished we had more time in this magical city. We decided to stay in Vila Nova de Gaia, so we had an amazing view of Porto. It is across the Douro River from Porto and the views of Porto from our AirBNB didn’t disappoint! Getting to Porto was our adventure for the day and happy that we are experienced travelers. On our flight to Lisbon the American Airlines flight attendants told us about a taxi strike in Lisbon. They were great and told us exactly how to get to the train station in Lisbon via the metro. We arrived to the train station and went to Porto. While we were on the train, I mentioned to Nancy, “I wonder if the taxi strike is just in Lisbon or all over Portugal.” Little did we know that when we arrived in Porto, our adventure for the day would begin. We had to walk with our luggage and from the metro station. It was our workout for the day.

After settling into our apartment, we went for some port tasting. Before this trip we didn’t know much about Port and we fell in love. From that point, we knew it was going to be a great vacation. We realized the Vila Nova de Gaia has all of the port tasting rooms. Then we went to dinner!

Photos are the property of Travel with Laughter and written permission to us photos must be received. Photos can be purchased on my website.

Lisbon Oriente train station:

We enjoyed dinner at Tempêro D’Maria:

The views and areas surrounding our apartment were breathtaking:

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