After looking at the towns close to Avignon, we decided to go to Aix-en-Provence. We did some research and found out that there was “big” craft fair along with their Market day. We were going to be in town and hadn’t been to a French market yet! We booked a train for early and we started our day out laughing, because we had trouble finding a taxi. We got to Aix and they were still setting up. It was supposed to be pouring rain, but instead we had perfect weather. Walked down a few streets and that was the whole market. It was cool to see, but we didn’t need to be up and there so early. Lesson learned! It is ironic that 1/2 of my pics of the market were blurry, so it looks even smaller. We explored town and had sushi for lunch. This is one of the towns we should have done more research, but we thought the market would take more time. I did get some goodies: lavender honey, which I love putting on blue cheese. When I first heard of lavender honey, I didn’t think I would like it, however I loved it. How can you go to Provence and not get Herbs de Provence and some great soaps. The Paella and roasted chicken looked amazing, but it wasn’t something we could get and keep. The cheeses looked delish too. We should have gotten stuff and a place for a picnic.

These photos are available to purchase on my photography website.


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