We started the first day of our wine tour with a great breakfast on the terrace at La Madelène. Before breakfast, I took a little walk around the beautiful grounds. We had delicious local breads and pastries. This is where I fell in love with lavender honey. Before this trip I never had lavender honey and wasn’t sure I would like to lavender food. It’s yummy on blue cheese and yogurt. There were also yummy granola/oats and fruit. It was a beautiful morning!

After breakfast we headed to the first winery of the day, which was located in Chateauneuf du Pape. Domaine De La Janasse was a great first visit. Our visit was in the beginning of September. All of the vineyards in the region were beginning to prepare for harvest. The first vineyard we visited actually had some white grapes that had just been harvested. This was a good visit and tasted some yummy wines!

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