One of my favorite places in San Diego is Balboa Park. There is so much to see and do in the park. It is a great place to explore, eat and take photos. An afternoon in the park is never enough time. Looking forward to my next visit!

San Diego has so much beauty! One of the best ways to see it’s beauty and the Navy ships in port is a cruise. We used Flagship Cruises and it was a great way to see San Diego from the bay. I had found some tickets on Groupon and it was great to see locals on the cruise. They let us know that they only use Flagship Cruises. There are lots of fun facts about the Navy ships in port and the area. I had wondered why there was a curve in Coronado Bay Bridge and we found out.  There is a curve because they would only receive money  for it to be built if it was over two miles and because of the curve, it was over two miles.

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