Over the past week, I have been traveling in France with my sister.  Sister Trip 2011!  We started our adventure in Paris and then traveled to the Loire Valley, for some wine tasting.  Finally, we finished in Reims, FR (Champagne country)!  It was a great trip.  My theory of travel was tested and I have to say, I still have it.  The weather in the area of France we were to travel in the weeks leading up to the trip was perfect (sunny and warm).  We were hopeful that we would have the same for our trip.  We were not so blessed.  The first two days were rainy and damp……the weather followed us from Pennsylvania.  The rest of the week was cloudy.  We did see the sun on the last day.  We didn’t let the weather stop us and did everything we wanted to do.  We laughed our way through no sun!

Our plane and train travel was tested as well!  We boarded the flight in Philly and everyone was settled in their seats.  The flight attendants were shutting the overhead compartments.  Neck pillows were comfortable and iPod was ready for a nap!  Then the pilot comes on the PA system to tell us the cargo door was damaged and the plane were on wasn’t going to Paris.  Nancy and I looked at each other expecting for the pilot to then tell us he was playing a joke…..he wasn’t.  We deplaned and they “took” the plane that was scheduled to go to London for us to take to Paris.  I felt for those passengers!  The rest of that flight was uneventful and we arrived safely on Saturday morning.

The next test for “Travel with Laughter” came on Tuesday morning.  We were heading to the Loire Valley.  Arrived at the train station early to find it relatively empty.  We found a security guard to try to figure things out, because we didn’t see the train on the schedule board.  While I speaking with him, Nancy was speaking with another passenger and with the language barrier we thought she said there had been a stabbing so the trains weren’t running.  We found the information center to find that the train workers were on strike.  They weren’t on a full strike, but one that had us a have four-hour layover in Tours, FR.  Oh, did I forget to tell you that we didn’t pack light.  That made it more interesting because of the lack of elevators or escalators around France.  We definitely struggled and laughed our way through the trains.

Thursday was our next train adventure!  We were traveling from the Loire Valley to Reims.  It was three train day.  With our luggage, this was going to be a true adventure.  We get on our second train found seats and a place for the luggage (that alone was funny to watch).  About an hour into the train ride we hit something and the train stops.  They make an announcement in French (of course I couldn’t understand), thank you to the French girl sitting next to me to translate.  The sad news is that we didn’t hit something, but someone.  Not sure of the full story, but we know they didn’t survive.  It was very sad on the train.  We were stopped for about 2 1/2 hours and then proceeded to our final destination.  Thoughts and prayers are with the person who passed.

Our departure from Reims, FR to the airport was to be via the train……we decided not to take the train, but we hired a car service!  No tests for “Travel with Laughter” on the way home!   Nancy and I both did look on the bright side of everything and had an amazing trip.  I will be sharing pictures and stories with you in future blogs.  I have to say my philosophy still stands, things are out of your control and you can’t let it get to you!

“Travel with Laughter”

6 thoughts

  1. 😮 what an adventure indeed! That’s so sad about the train hitting someone – my thoughts and prayers are with the person who passed and his/her family.
    Can’t wait to see the pictures to accompany this unforgettable journey! 🙂


  2. Would you believe that I’m just using a little Sony point and shoot. I didn’t want to be carry a big camera to the restaurants…I think that makes people uneasy. Happy that you are enjoying my posts from Italy.


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