In March, my friend Norma and her family visited Philadelphia over their spring break. They are from Texas, so the cold weather wasn’t too bad for them for a week. They were visiting a number of cities in the Northeast. Philadelphia was their last stop and I met them in the city to show them the sites! It was so much fun being a tourist in Philadelphia. I need to do this more!

We visited The Rocky statue, had a cheesesteak tasting (Geno’s and Pat’s), visited Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell and finished with a great dinner! It was a fun day exploring the birthplace of America, so I thought it appropriate that I posted this blog on July 4th. While we visited Independence Hall, we had a special treat. We got to see the second floor and it was my first time seeing the second floor.

To view more photos from our day, visit my photography website!

All photos are the property of Travel with Laughter and must receive written permission from Helen for use.


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