Sainte-Chapelle has been on the list of places for me to visit in Paris. Yes, I have been to Paris six times and the list will always be growing of places and things to do! The past few times I was in Paris, it was under restoration. The focus of my solo trip to Paris was to experience new places and things. The day I was planning on visiting Sainte-Chappelle they were on strike, so it was closed. When traveling in Europe you need to be prepared for these strikes. They usually only last one day and are posted. My advice is to be flexible with your plans and schedule. I had my concierge confirm it was open the next day and I went straight there to visit. One of my favorite things to do is visit churches that I pass walking around. There are so many hidden gems and I love to discover them. These pictures don’t do the beauty of Sainte-Chappelle justice.

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The beauty extends to the surrounding areas outside!

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