A cooking class in Paris! That is something that has been on our list for previous trips to Paris, but it never worked out with our schedule. This trip was about doing things I have never done before in Paris and I started looking into classes. La Cuisine posted on their Instagram (which is one of my favorite IG accounts to follow) account that they had classes available. I looked at their schedule and there was croissant and breakfast pastry class that worked with my schedule! The part I find ironic about going to a pastry class, that that I am gluten-free at home. However, when I am in France, I don’t have to be gluten free. There was a another class attendee that was gluten-free at home and not in France. Don’t know the scientific reason, but this is one more reason for my heart to be in Paris!

During this trip, I also disconnected unless I was on wi-fi. So, I wasn’t too sure about where I had to go. I left extra early from my hotel, to be sure to find La Cuisine. It is VERY EASY and located along the Seine. Since I had an early morning class, I was able to catch some beautiful light on the Seine and Île Saint-Louis was empty and was able to get some photos on rare empty streets. Great way to start December 26th!

Let the baking begin! I loved the small class. There were eight of us making some yummy pastries. This is my first time making pastries from scratch. One of the biggest things I learned was that baking is a precise science. I like to cook, because it doesn’t require precision. I look at a menu and adjust. That is not the case with making french pastries, it is all about precision. When I see “butter croissants” now, I laugh. The reason is because “regular” croissants have a LOT of butter!

Here were the items we made during the class:

-Le Croissant (bien sûr !)

– Le Pain au Chocolat (the popular rectangular chocolate croissant)

– Le Pain au Raisin (with its signature fruity swirl and pastry cream)

– Le Pain Suisse (packed with pastry cream and chocolate chips)

First we had to prepare the butter, I had no clue there was such a thing! It had to be flattened and wrapped for the freezer.

Our next item to make was the pastry creme:

Now onto making the pastry! Precision is the key with pastry. If I do say so myself, I am pretty proud of my dough.

Now is the time to roll and bake the pasteries!

Our beauties are done and ready for consumption!

The class at La Cuisine was AWESOME!!! I can make French pasteries and I never knew how much effort went into baking them. I may never make them again, but I know I can, if I wanted. If you are in Paris, this is a great place to take this or other classes. It will be on my list of things to do in Paris during my next adventure!

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