In November of 2013, I traveled to France for my annual sister trip!  This year there were three of us during the beginning part of the trip.  We flew into Paris and took the high-speed train to Lyon.  It was awesome!  It was a direct train and no stops.  During our time in Lyon, we decided to rent an apartment using AirBNB.  We loved it.  It was a two bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and living room.  It was perfect.  The only thing that could have been better is the location, but that is our fault for not knowing Lyon.

By the time we got settled and ready to explore we were at the time that when the restaurants closed for the lunch/dinner break.  (Travel hint: Eat lunch before 3 pm)  We found a quick bite at a local bakery and began to explore Lyon and walked around.  Lyon is famous for gastronomy restaurants and we had found out there was a famous chocolatier in Lyon.  We set out to find Boucheron Chocolate.  We found it and bought some yummy chocolates and how perfect was it that a wine store next to Boucheron was having a free wine tasting!  How perfect chocolate and wine!  Our vacation was off to a great start!


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