LOVE Portugal and the Quinta’s! When we were doing our research for the Douro and Portugal, I found out that the wineries are called Quinta’s. For those that follow my blog, you know I have visited many wineries. The Quinta’s (wineries) in the Douro Valley are some of the best that we have visited (if not the best). The tasting rooms are beautiful and allow you to take in the beauty of the Douro. The second visit with Wine Moments was to Quinta do Bomfim. The wines, besides the ports, are amazing! I know that they have developed and gotten better with their “table wines.”

We visited right after the harvest and missed all the activity of the harvest. One of the things we learned about the Douro is that the stomping of the grapes is still something that many Quinta’s do during harvest. Looks like we need to add that to the Bucket list. The history that they have captured and the tour was great. As someone who loves history, it is great to see items from before the US was founded.

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