When we did our research for our trip to the Provence region, we discovered that the area was know for its pottery. There is so much to do in Provence and not enough time. I could say that about every area we have visited in France! One of the things I liked about working with Emily from Your Private Provence was she asked what we wanted to do and designed our tour specifically for us. She created an amazing day! I love supporting local artisans and handcrafted products and loving seeing things produced. Sidenote: I work for CUTCO Cutlery and love visiting the factory. The artisan we visited was Christine Denniel. We had the opportunity to meet her husband and tour the workshop. I purchased a bowl, mug and vase. I smile every time I see them and have great memories. Should have bought more!

If you would like to purchase any of the photos, please visit my photography website.


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