A day with no plans in Porto! What do we do???!!!!

We planned for the first day in Portugal to be a day of exploring with no plans. We walked to the Porto and began exploring.

After finding a place for breakfast, we decided to take a Tuk Tuk tour. It was our first time taking a Tuk Tuk tour, which was a fun way to see the city and know where to go back too. It was tough to take pictures, so there are only a few.

Churches in Europe are amazing. I have found to enjoy visiting them more than museums or other attractions. There is so much beauty and history! Igreja do Carmo did not disappoint. It is one of the most ornate churches I have visited. It was a pleasant surprise to find two churches that are separated by a small house.

We were trying to make our way to the Cathedral, but with the winding roads, we never made it to the Cathedral. After exploring Porto, we made our way back to the Port tasting rooms in Vila Nova de Gaia. We visited C.N. Koke  and enjoyed a relaxing wine tasting. I highly recommend the tasting rooms in Vila Nova de Gaia.

There is beauty everywhere in Porto. Can’t wait to return!

My sister captured some moments on her iPhone:


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