Our trip to France and Barcelona in October 2014 was our best yet for food. Every meal was amazing. We don’t do much research on restaurants before we head on vacation. Now I know for some travelers, that is unheard of on their vacations, especially to Europe. We love exploring and asking people for recommendations. That is how we found our restaurant for lunch in Nîmes. After visiting the arena, we did a little shopping and I asked a shop owner where she recommended. La Petit Mas was her recommendation and it was awesome! As soon as we sat down it started raining outside, so our timing was perfect for a long lunch. I don’t have a picture of Nancy’s salad, but it had a side of cheese fondue. Salads in France are nothing like they are in the US. Until our cousin ordered one and we saw it a few years ago, we would have never known. We also fell in love the way they chilled their white wines in the bags. The architecture surrounding the restaurant was so beautiful. Prior to our trips to France, I didn’t think I like white wines. However, now that is not the case. French whites are amazing!


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