The beginning of our wine tour! After a great day with Emily from Your Private Provence, she brought us to La Madelène for our wine tour. We were very excited. This was our 5th year doing wine tours in France. Here is how we found our tour for the Rhone Wine region. Our first wine tour was in 2011 and we visited La Grande Maison d’Arthenay in the Loire Valley. We LOVED our visit with Sue and Michela. They have other tours in Burgundy and the Rhone Wine region that they recommend. Since that time, we have wanted to book our tour with La Madelène. This year, we were able to get the timing and tour to work. We were very excited for our 3-night wine tour.

Day One of the tour begins in the evening with a fine wine dinner. It was perfect! We had a been eating at restaurants for almost a week, so dinner on the terrace on a beautiful night was what we were looking forward to.  The evening begins with an overview of the Rhone Wine region from Philip. We covered the areas of  where we will be visiting over the next two days. We enjoyed some Larmandier-Bernier Champagne (which I have found out that we can purchase in Pennsylvania) and nibbles. The food, wine and company were outstanding. The meals prepared by Jude were focused on items from the local area. I was so in love with the food, that I forgot to take pictures of the delicious wines that we had during dinner.

Photos below are available for purchase on my photography website. Photos are the property of Travel with Laughter and can’t be used without written consent.

Provence and Paris 2015-6098-9
Yummy sorbet!
Provence and Paris 2015-6099-10
Flourless Chocolate cake
Provence and Paris 2015-6096-7
Provence and Paris 2015-6097-8
Nothing beats the cheeses in France!
Provence and Paris 2015-6094-5
Duck salad
Provence and Paris 2015-6095-6
Roasted red peppers
Provence and Paris 2015-6091-3
Tomato salad!
Provence and Paris 2015-6089-1
Yummy Champagne!
Provence and Paris 2015-6090-2
Beautiful table
Provence and Paris 2015-6092-4
I am obsessed with French shudders.

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