I love traveling with my sister.  One of the reasons is that we both love trying new foods, so it makes for adventures meals.  Prior to our trip to France, Emma Barbier sent us a list of restaurants to choose for lunch.  All of them looked amazing, but how often do you get to eat in a former French Monastery?  We chose Chateau de Gilly it is located in Gilly-les-Citeaux.  To start we had Creme de Casis, which is the local aperitif.  We liked it as a drink, but we were not a fan in the other forms it came in during our trip.  I had a local dish of poached eggs cooked in the sauce from Beef Bourguignon.  I had first seen this prepared on Anthony Bourdain’s show he did on the Burgundy region.  It was very good.  Nancy had a steak and we split each others meals.  It is one of our favorite things to do, because we each get to taste different meals.  Emma had a local dish beef tartar and we tasted it as well, it was awesome.  Great meal, atmosphere, and laughs!  It was one of my favorite meals during this trip.



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