After a great day shopping and exploring Dijon, we went to dinner at Le Petit Gascon.  We never have a plan on where we go for dinner.  We ask the front desk for places where the locals go and go there!  Here is what we didn’t know.  Restaurants in rural France don’t open till seven.  So, the two americans who were hungry at six had to wait.  Now we know for next time to not plan on dinner before seven.  We found a couple local bars open and passed our time.  We had the whole restaurant to ourself, because we were early according to French standards.  Our meal was delish and we HIGHLY recommend it!  During this meal, I had potatoes au gratin.  I then became obsessed with find them on the rest of the trip.  I never did find them again.  We had a great meal with lots of laughter.

My photos from Dijon are available for sale on photography website.


“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. Helen, what a great spot! Lots of good food, great company and loads of laughs it looks like. Thanks for sharing your find in Dijon – a magical city indeed!


    1. Priscilla! Merci. Thanks. I am finally home long enough to edit my photos. Looking at these pics makes me want to go back. Wait till you read about the wine bar we found after our dinner. Dijon is a great place. Have a great weekend! -Helen


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