Well, I did it again.  I didn’t take a picture of the front of this restaurant, so I have no clue of the name.  It was on the same street as our restaurant for dinner Rue Berbisey.  I have even tried to google it to find the name.  No luck!

It was such a cool place.  We found it walking back from our dinner.  Even though we were exhausted, we thought we were on vacation and in Dijon for only for a short time.  The wine bar had so much energy and was a blast.  It is somewhere we would love to go back to.  The “wine list” were bottles displayed around the restaurant and you choose which one you want.  The prices were written on the bottle.

This is my last post on Dijon.  We packed a lot into less than 24 hours in Dijon.  Up next Beaune!

PS.  A few months later I have found the business card for the restaurant- la fine heure

My photos from Dijon are available for sale on my Photography website.


22 thoughts

  1. I have a solution for when you can’t remember…try Google maps street view. Virtually walk down the street and you might just find your missing link!


  2. We owned and opperated a wine bar for years and LOVED meeting all the interesting customers who stopped by. Your trip to Dijon sounds great. I love to walk the streets and wander upon some gem like your wine bar. Save travels and can’t wait to see where you end up next!


  3. For some reason I’ve been doing the same thing–forgetting to take photos of the front of pubs I’ve been to. Maybe it has something to do with the beer. A wine bar in France sounds like fun!


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