Domaine de le Madone was an amazing vineyard that we visited with Kanpai Tours. We visited the vineyard and did a wine tasting with our lunch. The traditional Lyonnaise lunch was amazing and the chocolate mousse was the best we have all ever had! Our visit here was the highlight of my day wine tasting. While we were there we found out that they have a cottage you can rent and stay on the vineyard. To me, that would be a dream vacation. The Fleurie region in Rhone is so beautiful: the rolling hills of the vineyards, the history, the food, the people, and the beauty of the towns.


5 thoughts

  1. How delightful a culinary adventure you have shared with us! The vineyard looks so very magnificent and Lyonnaise cuisine is the most beautiful pure preparation and allows the symphony of flavors to reach the highest of crescendos. How very marvelous!


    1. It was an amazing day! It is a gorgeous area. I would say the salads and the sausage we had for lunch are typical meals. Also, I see recipes for Lyonaise potatoes that look relish and I am going to make. Now I am really hungry for their food at 8 am! -Helen


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