Our last night in France was in Reims. Besides the Champagne, the reason we went to Reims was for the Cathedral light show celebrating its 800th year. This cathedral is where the French kings were crowned. You can see the pictures I took during the day of Notre Dame de Reims.  The light show was truly amazing and one of the most beautiful things I have seen.  Reims is an amazing French city and we love to spend more time there.  The show was amazing and these pictures don’t do it justice.

Ta Da!!!

“Travel with Laughter”

9 thoughts

  1. Looks spectacular! I’m living in Japan at the moment and they do night time light-ups of the red maple leaves in the temple gardens – absolutely beautiful! I see Japan is not on your “Travel List” but I highly recommend that you add it….even if you have got enough to get through already!


  2. Depends on where your interests lie. I love the big city vibe of Tokyo and Osaka, but I really enjoy the temples and shrines too. I’m currently in Kyoto and the temples and gardens are well worth visiting (even if *personally* I’m not that enamoured with the city!) Other places that shouldn’t be missed: Mt Fuji (some really attractive lake areas around it) and Nikko (beautiful shrines, temples and a waterfall!)

    I haven’t explored everywhere yet so no doubt that list needs adding to!

    I’ll stop there now, before I get too carried away. Do hope you travel with laughter over to Japan at some point 🙂


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