Adventure #6 has begun with my sister. This year we changed things up and are exploring Portugal. We flew to Lisbon and are on our way to Porto. Before we landed our flight attendant let us know that there was a taxi/limo strike in Lisbon. She was kind enough to let us know how to take the metro to the Lisbon Oriente train station. What we weren’t planning on was the hour and half line to get through passport control. At one point a group behind us tried to cut the line. The group was not happy about that. We met a couple from Wisconsin that was in line for 2 1/2 hours.

We got through the line and made our way towards the metro. Due to the taxi strike there were more lines at the metro stations. We were happy that they had people at the ticket machine to help. Also, we were excited that the machines took euros. In the past they haven’t and we have had trouble using our credit cards. So far Portugal’s train stations have had escalators, which helps with managing getting from the metro to the railway. 

We have made it to the train and enjoying a train ride to Porto. Very excited that the train has food service and it’s brought directly to you!

Also, we have met some nice Canadians who helped us put our luggage on the rack above us!

You can follow our #travelwithlaughter adventures on Snapchat.

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