Reims, FR!  It was a great way to finish our trip and it was SUNNY!  We were excited.  After making reservations for Champagne tasting, we found a spot for lunch.  Since we were in Reims…..we did as the locals did and had Champagne with lunch.  This was our first experience with Champagne and we fell in LOVE! Our time in Reims was sooooo relaxing and we had a blast exploring.

Yummy food and GREAT atmosphere!
We LOVED how they did salads!
What would lunch be in France without wine?!?!?!

After lunch, we walked around the city! And found some architecture from the Romans.

Front Row Foundation in France!
Can you see Nancy waving?

“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. Sadly no, we were there for an evening – we managed to see the cathederal in daylight, after that it was wandering around and finding somewhere for a glass of fizz and then something to eat. But I do want to go back for more 🙂


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