It looks like the weather forecasters got the storm named Jonas correct! Until the storm starts, you just never know. Since I travel again next week, I came home early from Los Angeles. After I landed on Thursday night, I went to the grocery store. There was plenty of milk and bread (neither of which I needed), but no onions or potatoes! That was crazy to me and should have taken a picture. The storm started in Doylestown a little earlier than expected on Friday night. Also, the total of snow keeps increasing! On Saturday morning I woke up and started making some vegetarian chili (found onions and sweet potatoes at a different grocery store!). After I finished making the chili, I headed out into Doylestown to snap some pictures. These photos were taken around 10am on Saturday morning. I did find most stores closed, but Penn Tapp Room and The Hattery were shoveling, so they could open! It was beautiful in Doylestown, but cold and windy walking around! Enjoy my photos from inside.

The photos below are located for purchase on my photography website. Photos are the property of Travel with Laughter and written consent must be obtained to use.

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