This is the first blog from my recent trip to Austin!   There were many laughs.  I do have some pictures, but my good camera is still being repaired.  This blog is about the adventures of getting to Austin!  My flying philosophy was tested!

I laughed my way through the day.  The day started out great and there was NO traffic on my way to the airport.  I was surprised by a long line at security on a Wednesday afternoon.  I was ok on time, because I always give myself plenty of time.  However, the guy standing behind me was not ok.  He was swearing and negative in my ear for about 10 minutes.  That was, until I turned around and asked him to be stop being negative!  Don’t think he liked that, but he was being negative in my space.  Also, he hit my foot with his luggage.  I just laughed!

When I got to the gate I realized we were on a delay and they switched to a smaller aircraft.  There were six rows of passengers that needed to be re-routed (they don’t realize it, but they were the lucky ones)!  I did get upgraded to first class, which was great.  I was lucky with that as well.  On the other plane there were four rows of First Class….this one had three rows and I was in Row 3.  Yippee!  Once on the plane, we quickly realized that the air conditioning wasn’t working while on the ground.  You really see people’s personalities come out, when they things aren’t going “perfectly.”  It took over 45 minutes to load the luggage, which put us over an hour behind schedule.

We land in CLT and I run to the gate…..only to see the plane pulling away from the gate!  I must have been the only one to miss it, because when I walked up the gate agent knew my name.  In ten years of travel, that has only happened once before.  I think that is pretty good- two missed connections in ten years.  So, I called a friend I never get to see and we had dinner!

Later that night, I got on my flight to Austin.  I was excited to be in the exit row, however they had to be the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in during a flight.  I know now to NOT sit in the exit row on that plane.  Again, I was laughing!  More to come on my adventures while in Austin!

“Travel with Laughter”

4 thoughts

  1. Woo hoo for the upgrade to first class but such a bummer that you missed your flight. Luckily you were able to make the best of the situation by going to dinner with your friend.


  2. Exit rows are only good if you have the row with out an exit behind you. If you are in front of an exit row your seat can not recline, so it is a very different, very uncomfortable seat!


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