Central Bucks has been rocked this week. The area has made national and international news in a way that no has ever expected. In case you haven’t heard, there were four young men murdered for reasons we may never know. Not by terrorists or someone from outside the area, but one of our own. It’s tough when you see your town on the Today Show everyday this week as the 3rd or 4th story. It’s tough for the families of Jimi Patrick, Thomas Meo, Dean Finocchiaro, and Mark Sturgis. Prayers to them and their friends.

Personally, I have felt a lot of emotions and asked a lot of questions. However, no more than the families of victims. I look at the pictures and hear the stories. All of them are young men you would pass on the street and not think twice about or be concerned for your safety. I didn’t know any of them personally, but there are definitely only a few degrees of separation for me with any of them.

Central Bucks and more specifically Doylestown has been described as idyllic, quaint and beautiful. Yes, it is all of those things but this week it has been “invaded” by national and local news. It is a place where people go to escape the hustle and bustle of where they live. It’s quiet and people know each other. The area is forever scarred.

Every place I have gone this week, this topic has been brought up and discussed. Yes, I have taken part in these conversations and theories that are out there. None of that matters anymore, what matters now is the healing that needs to take place for all the families and our community.

Please hold these families and friends in your prayers!

One thought

  1. So sorry to hear this news Helen.. it’s such a senseless tragedy & loss for all the families involved. My prayers go out for the four boys parents and their family & friends as well as for the parents of the young boy who committed this horrific act of violence as they must be so devastated & utterly confused as to why this has happened..


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