​Did you know that Stella and Dot sold bags? I didn’t know till my sister started selling Stella and Dot. For those that know me, there are two things that I don’t usually get excited about, jewelry and purses. However, Stella and Dot has changed that for me. When I am packing and carry-on is my goal, versatility of items packed is crucial! When I saw the Waverly Cross Body, I knew it would be the perfect purse for traveling both personally and for work. As you can see from the pictures below, I chose the cross body in black and brown. For me it can be used with most, if not all my outfits. LOL! The Waverly has three different ways it can be used. It can be a clutch or a small/large cross body. I have found it important when on trips to have a good zipper on your purse, so that the purse can be closer and more secure for safety.

People are constantly complimenting me on the this purse and even more impressed when I show them how it converts into three different options. Click on the links to get one these for yourself!

Note some have told me that when clicking on the links, my sister’s not coming up as as the stylist. If you need a stylist her name is Nancy Scheidt

One of the things that I look for in the quality of a purse is the zipper. I have seen and owned “good” purses which have had cheap zippers. The quality of the zippers on the Stella and Dot bags are great!

This is the way that I wear the Waverly most of the time. It fits my wallet and essentials for everyday use.

This is how the Waverly looks as a clutch. Sometimes when traveling, I need more of an “evening” bag and don’t have the space in my luggage to pack something else. This has worked perfectly!

There are hooks on the top of the purse to extend to a large bag. A regular size iPad fits in the bag and I LOVE the front pocket, it’s a perfect place for your phone and has a zipper to make it more secure.

Extended fully it can be worn either with the brown or black side.

I LOVE the fun pattern inside!

This is my first blog promoting a product, these are my own opinions. I also have a couple of the their necklaces that can be worn multiple ways. It looks like I brought multiple pieces of jewelry with me, but I only brought one. It is all about saving space and looking good!

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