Looks so delicate, yet durable in the rain!

I was out for a walk yesterday and for the first time I really saw these trees!  They are amazing……

I have passed by these trees thousands of time.  I am amazed that I never “saw” them before….obviously I have “seen” them, but it was the first time I took in the beauty of the trees.  Gotta look around and take in what is around you!  If know what kind of trees they are….let me know.

“Travel with Laughter”

What kind of tree?
too pretty
Wander how old the tree is?

2 thoughts

  1. Horse Chestnut!
    ~ The large one w/ the pink blossoms.
    Did you see these on Main st hill?

    Aesculus hippocastanum

    “As kids we called the seeds “buckeyes” since they were shiny brown seeds with white ‘eyes’ on the base. They are more commonly called horse chestnuts or conkers.

    Small red dots add interest to the erect white flowers appearing in mid-May. Moderate growth to 70 feet. Known as a shade tree in European gardens.”


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