This morning I took my 1995 Civic in for an oil change.  My car has over 200,000 miles on it and I am the first owner.  I love my car!  Yes, I know the paint looks bad.  One of my friends teases me about if they still make the parts for the car.  This morning, I called him and told him that they still make windshield wipers for the car.  We both laughed! I was at the dealership waiting for my car to be finished.  (Yes, I go to the dealership…..that story is for another blog.)  While there, I was on the phone with my sister.  We were talking about if I were to get another car, that I would I would want to be able to plug in my iPod.  Then we laughed because my car has an cassette player, which they don’t make tapes anymore.  🙂  It is funny that while writing this, I look at the window and see this car outside my window.

Funny this was outside my window!

On my way home, I started thinking about how we throw things out too fast.  Most people would have gotten rid of my car long ago….if it were this old.  I know that eventually I will have to get a new car, but why should I… I can plug in my iPod, have a navigation system, or bluetooth?  For me to have all these gadgets is NOT a reason to get a new car right now and have a payment!

This now brings me to my friend Debi.  She owns Vintage, a store, in Doylestown!  It is an amazing store- that you should visit if ever in Doylestown.  It is full of Treasures that people don’t want anymore.  At Vintage, they find a new home with people that want them.  Debi is living her dream with this store (love seeing people live their dream).  I have gotten some great glasses and bowls, along with other treasures.  She is someone who believes in there is a place for everything and not in the trash.  Below are a few pictures!

Welcome to Vintage!
Soooo many goodies!
Hats and purses GALORE!

I have come to the conclusion today that we throw many things out for something shiny and new.  The shiny and new might not be better.

“Travel with Laughter”

3 thoughts

  1. I completely agree with you! Too often I buy something that does the exact same thing as something else I already have, simply because I like the new item. Thank you for the reminder that new doesn’t always mean better and replacing things contributes to our landfills. I will try to think twice before my next purchase.


  2. Of course we do! We are conditioned (aka brainwashed) into tossing someting perfectly good for the latest this-or-that. Just do a little research on sales and marketing to find out the psychology they use to get our money…and eventually our lives (seriously now, say you are not a slave to your stuff and the payments for that stuff).

    Don’t buy into it! Buy good stuff and keep it for a long time — money literally in the bank.


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