When you are a road warrior, these are words you love to hear!!  Now I travel mostly in the Northeast, so it is really exciting when you get upgraded on the PHL to BOS flight. (Hahaha)  An upgrade is an upgrade.  What are the little things that make you smile while traveling?

Here are few of the little things that make a difference for me!

  • fun person next to you on the plane
  • friendly smiles!
  • arriving early
  • NO traffic (especially around NYC)
  • seeing people you didn’t expect at the airport! (today I saw a friend from St. Louis in Buffalo)
  • room being ready when you check into the hotel
  • extra large soft towels in your hotel room
  • warm cookies when you check into the hotel
Comment below on what makes you smile while traveling!
We all have to remember these things, because sometimes none of these things happen.  Today the child behind me was kicking my seat on the plane.  Enjoy and have fun while traveling!
“Travel with Laughter”

6 thoughts

  1. I’d like to add a couple of things:

    Concierge upgrades
    Good shower heads
    Cozy, cozy beds
    GOOD coffee!

    I’m typing this from the concierge lounge 🙂


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