For the first time this week, I spent a little time in Michigan.   Most of the time was in the Traverse City area!  Wow…..I will be adding the area to my list to visit again.  It was awesome.

I spent some time with my friend Renee and on our way from the airport we passed a not so pretty area.  Renee is a Health Coach and focuses on local foods.  We stopped to take a picture to show why we need to be concerned for the amount of trash we throw out!  Wish the picture was a scratch and sniff… doesn’t do it justice!  Remember to recycle!!

We must recycle!

We then enjoyed a lunch of raw goodies from Red Pepper deli in Northville, MI….so yummy! I had walnut meet for the first time in the “tacos”.

I then drove to Northport, MI! The area was amazing….here is the sunrise the first day there.

Sunrise over Traverse Bay!

After two days of meetings we drove to the Grand Traverse Light House and saw the sun setting of Lake Michigan!

While there we decided to pay tribute to our Friends at the Front Row Foundation!

Look at this shot taken at 10:45 pm!

Gotta love sunsets!

Last sunrise on during our meeting!

“Travel with Laughter”

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