Did I get your attention??!!

This is a different post than I had planned on writing tonight!  It was going to be about my love of sushi.  I have learned to look for humor everywhere and it is all about perspective.  Here are three things that I found funny today:

1.  I was ready to show pictures of some great sushi.  I took some great pictures or so I thought. Once again, I forgot to put my memory card in my camera after downloading pics last night!  I have learned my lesson.

2.  I was at a restaurant for lunch that served: thai, sushi, and yakitori.  The customer at the table next to us got a bento box with a curry dish.  After getting the meal, she tells them she doesn’t like curry.  They bring her the menu again and she proceeds to tell them that she doesn’t eat

        • curry
        • noodles
        • sushi

That doesn’t leave many options on the menu.  She orders something new…..it had tofu in the dish.  After she received the food, she tells them she doesn’t eat tofu!  I was trying not to laugh…..remember the type of restaurant, doesn’t leave much for her to choose from.  Finally, she did get a dish to eat.  The question I have is, why did she pick this restaurant?

3.  How did I get the title for the blog?  I was driving back from Wilmington, DE today.  Due to traffic, I got in the wrong lane on 95 N and realized it too late.  Before I knew it, I was on the Commodore Barry Bridge to New Jersey.  A colleague said to me that “at least it wasn’t a bridge to Mexico.”  I was laughing!  Remember, it is all about perspective.

Here is to a great Thursday!
“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. So, here’s the scoop on the title for all you “enquiring” minds. As you may know, the Rio Grande is the border between Texas and Mexico. Sometimes, near the border, if you get on the bridge that crosses over the river to Mexico you can’t turn around until you cross the border into Mexico and then you have to cross back into the US. Depending on where you are, it could be difficult to get back across! I used to work with a guy who traveled around our South Texas stores and had a mishap getting back across. So, Helen, at least it wasn’t a bridge to Mexico!


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