In July of 2010, I travelled to Hyannis, MA for work (I love my job)!  It is such a great area.   I didn’t take any pictures of our dinner on the water, but it is one of my favorite things to do……seafood on the water in the summer.  I love the Cape, it is so peaceful.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. I have been drawn recently to posting stuff from my trips to the beach last summer, guess I need to plan something!

While on the cape, we had brunch at a place in Chatham, MA that is on my list to go back to and stay. Chatham Bars Inn it is an amazing place and if you find yourself in the area, you must stop in and walk around.

If you have ever driven in MA, you know there are traffic circles. I was laughing at myself for going around them and not able to go where I need to go! This was a great trip and lots of laughs and GREAT work done.

“Travel with Laughter”

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