Simple concept- Go to downtown Stamford, CT for dinner.  Sounds simple, right?  Once there, we realized that they shutdown the center of town for a concert in the park.  The only way to go to all the restaurants was to pay $10 to attend the festival.  If we had been there for the festival, we wouldn’t have had a problem with the $10.  All we wanted to do was have dinner and go home.  So, we were given the idea of finding the “back” entrance.  We walked in the alley and found the kitchen entrance!  So, there we went….through the kitchen to ask if we could just eat!  I was laughing the whole time (and thinking this was great for the blog), never before have I had to go through the kitchen to get a table.  We had some yummy food!

I have never seen a small japanese restaurant have a bouncer. They did so the underage kids didn’t use their bathrooms to wash off the X’s to say they were underage! It was quite the comedy show during dinner.

After dinner we did walk around the festival area for a little bit. That was also some great people watching. We did hear some live music for a few minutes.

We then started our walk back to the hotel! On our journey we saw the shuttle for the hotel and flagged it down. The guests on the shuttle didn’t seem too happy about their 2 minute detour to pick us up!  It added to our laughter of the night.

“Travel with Laughter”

2 thoughts

  1. It was a great evening – who knew Stamford CT could be quite so entertaining? Thanks for capturing the pics of the yummy food and the crowds Helen – great memories!


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