October is Breast Cancer awareness month.  In honor of that, I am blogging about my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2010.  In the spring of 2010 my sister called me to see if I wanted to participate in the Avon Walk.  After we looked at the schedule we decided on the New York walk in October 2010.  Training began and we set out to accomplish the walk.  Summer of 2010 was filled with many training walks…..some were tougher than others.  You learn a ton about yourself when you walk that much!  The walks were a combination of alone and many meeting my sister.  Some of my previous blogs were pictures taken from my training walks:  Valley Forge and Mystic, CT are just a couple of examples.  The Avon walk is a two day walk. First day is 26.2 miles and the second 13.1! Along with training we each were to raise $1,800.   We held a fundraiser in August 2010!  Thanks you to all of our friends who supported us and to the local businesses of Doylestown for their generous donations!  Our team’s name was TEAM LADYBUG!!!

Thank you Mary Ann for your donation!

One of the people we did the walk in honor of was my aunt. She joined us as our support for the weekend! It was great to have her there with us. Here are few memories from the walk!

It was chillier than we thought!

There were fun people to cheer you on and dance with you!

Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge!
Her feet were KILLING her! Never know it through the smile!

Day Two! Ready to conquer the day and rested!

Crossing the 13.1 mile mark and our aunt was there to meet us!!!

We celebrated with a GREAT dinner at Asia de Cuba in New York City!

This was an amazing experience and one that I am sure we will do again.

“Travel with Laughter”

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