Well, didn’t expect the weather report to be correct! I am writing this and it is still snowing out. Here are few pictures from around town this morning.  Looks like we might break the snowfall record for October in Doylestown.  Gotta love it! There were only two vendors at the Doylestown farmers market.

Probably not the best day to sit outside!

Flowers in the snow!

Yesterday, I bought flowers to brighten the snowy day!

“Travel with Laughter”

7 thoughts

  1. OMG, snow early in the autumn. This morning I read from our local newspaper that in Boston is has been snowing. I enjoy snow, but if the winter is too long with cold and snow, I do not enjoy any more. Normally we’ll have snow from the mid November until mid March. It is long Time.

    Your photos are awesome. Especially I love those flower photos in which snow is covering them.


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