Nancy and I both knew that our trip to France was going to be more of an adventure, because neither of us spoke French.  I did learn the phrase, “do you speak English?”, in French.  We didn’t have a problem and were able to figure out most things.  Because I took German in High School and Nancy Spanish sometimes we would think in those languages.  We really did laugh a ton.

One of our funniest stories surrounded Hotel de Ville.  We had taken the subway from our hotel to the Hotel de Ville stop and walked to ile St. Louis for dinner.  After dinner, we walked back to the Hotel de Ville stop.  We thought we will get a drink at the Hotel de Ville, before getting on the subway.  To our surprise, we didn’t know that the Hotel de Ville wasn’t a hotel! We had thought it was a hotel at one time and had been converted to office buildings. We laughed when our cousin told us the next day that these were town halls. So, of course I thought…..this will make a funny blog!  Below are pictures of  the Hotel de Ville’s in Paris, Tours and Reims!

Paris Hotel de Ville
Tours, FR- Hotel de Ville
Reims, FR- Hotel de Ville

“Travel with Laughter”

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