Earlier this month I was in Portland for a conference.  After I checked into my hotel, I went to the concierge to find a good sushi place.  I was excited to be in Portland heard it is a foodie town (and it was)!  I had just left Colorado, where it was -4, so temps in the 40s felt balmy.  So, I decided to walk to the recommended restaurant PING!  I was excited!  I got there the atmosphere was very cool.  After I sat down I realized it wasn’t a sushi restaurant, it was Vietnamese, Korean and Thai restaurant.  I was laughing…..I thought there was a reason I was there and it was really cool.  It was GREAT food and I had pomegranate drinking vinegar for the first time.  Love trying new things and always up for an adventure.

“Travel with Laughter”

4 thoughts

  1. Restaurants looks great; love the sign! And the last pic; is that Pho? Mmmmm, last time I ate that was on St. Marks Place (in NYC) also saw it often on Bedford Ave. (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). I’m going to try and find it here in Grenoble since there are a lot of Vietnamese places here (Asian food in France is not the same as in the US; verrry disappointing most of the time!). I end up cooking Asian food at home (thanks to the internet for providing detailed recipes!).


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