Asking people what holiday traditions they are most excited about is one of my favorite questions this time of the year.  It starts great conversations.  I love hearing the answers.  Listening to all the traditions that friends get excited about is cool.  Growing up our family holiday tradition wasn’t to decorate till Christmas Eve.  Growing up, I always tried to get my parents to decorate early and they never budged.  And by the way, we would cut our own tree down.  I definitely appreciate that tradition now.

I have noticed that friends/families favorite traditions don’t involve us going crazy for gifts.  Usually, it is the things that we do spending time together.  Comment below with your favorite traditions!  Maybe you will see one that you will adopt.

I saw this quote from Louise L. Hay today and I thought it appropriate.

‎”Learn to accept prosperity instead of exchanging it. If a friend gives you a gift or takes you to lunch, you don’t have to immediately reciprocate. Allow the person to give you the gift. Accept it with joy and pleasure. It’s okay to be prosperous; there is no shame or guilt – just joy and acceptance.” – Louise L. Hay

 Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and New Year!

4 thoughts

  1. I have two favorites…the first is spending Christmas Eve with family. My mother, grandmother and aunts would spend all day making homemade pasta for the annual Italian seven fish dinner. There could be any where from 30-50 people come through my grandparents or parents house through the course of the night. It’s a tradition that now has been taken over by my brother. Same great food but just a bit more intimate with our immediate family. My second favorite tradition is the time spent with my three amigo’s every year before Christmas having dinner, exchanging gifts and loads of laughs.


  2. With all the craziness of all the different families wanted to have everyone for Christmas, we started doing Christmas with one family the weekend before. That way everyone had a full day of fun, turkey and merriment! As the host for many Christmases, it has been great to do the festivities when the grocery stores are still open and things are not so crazy! Makes for a much more relaxing day!
    Also love watching the old Christmas movies, especially the old black and white movies!
    Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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