In 2005, I was introduced to the charity Front Row Foundation. It was a couple of my friends that founded this charity.  I have seen them impact people and help them live in the Front Row of life, while they have been battling health challenges.   Below is their mission:

Our mission is to help everyone “experience life in the front row.” Our focus is to help individuals and their families who are braving critical health challenges to live their lives to the fullest by providing front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of our recipients’ choice. Our goal is to create magical moments that positively affect the mind, body, and spirit of each person involved, including our sponsors and event organizers.

While traveling in 2011 I took a few pictures doing the “Front Row” pose! One of my goals is to take a picture on every travel trip in 2012. This is a great charity and organization that I would like to bring more attention to in 2012.

Front Row Gala Group shot
Lake Michigan at Sunset!
Lake Michigan group shot!

In front of the bat in Austin, TX
In front of the Texas State House!
In front of the big guitar in Austin!
In Reims, FR
Front Row in Paris!

Traveling in the Front Row of my life!
“Travel with Laughter”

2 thoughts

  1. You have such a wonderful, infections attitude! I’ll share some
    spontaneous music experiences we had last summer; a group of
    young bagpipers and Scottish lassies performing in Scotland
    and an authentic Austrian group playing accordion, clarinet, and
    bass at a strudel parade at a farming village festival.


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