Last week, I traveled to Austin, TX and Norfolk, VA.  Remember, the right attitude is needed when traveling or you waste LOTS of energy.

During my travel to Austin, there was unusual weather in Austin……RAIN!  So, because of that we were a little delayed flying from Charlotte to Austin.  In a previous blog post I talked about my philosophy for flying, which I have “borrowed” from my friend Tom Skawski.  Up, Down, Don’t crash!  Nothing else matters.  I should get t-shirts made!  On my flight to Austin, there was a woman behind me who said things I have never heard in 10 years of travel.  When the flight attendant asked her to put her purse in the overhead compartment (because there was no room under the seat), she announced to everyone around her:  that if they touched it, she would go “ape s***” on them.  I thought WOW…..this is going to an interesting flight.  After we landed, the pilot came on to make an announcement apologizing for being late.  It was only about 20 minutes, remember my philosophy so I was fine with it.  Well, she wasn’t.  She decided to call the pilot names, which is totally uncalled for.  Hope she goes through life with a better attitude than she flew with on that day!

On Friday night, I was traveling to Virginia.  Snow in the MidWest/Northeast and high winds in Philadelphia is a recipe for flight delays.  Yes, my flight was delayed.  Some of the best people watching occurs at an airport with flight delays!  I was speaking with a few experienced travelers and we were discussing how yelling at gate agents doesn’t get you any where!  Remember they can’t do anything and you must “Travel with Laughter!”

Thank you for reading my blog and lets spread the movement of “Travel with Laughter”!  Life will be more fun……

13 thoughts

  1. Great Article. Some people have forgotten that common courtesy and a smile will get them closer to what they are looking for than a frown and constant verbal attack. They need to learn how to ‘Travel with laughter’!


  2. You are so right! No sense getting all worked up about it!!! The most important thing is making to the destination in one piece! Surprised the lady didn’t end up with a whole lot of trouble over her bag! She could have delayed the entire flight with her antics!!! I love your philosophy – travel with laughter! Maybe we should extend that to live life with laughter!!!! Happy travels!


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