Last week I had a conference in Connecticut.  As I was packing for the event, I realized I was packing differently because I was driving.  I wasn’t planning out every outfit, like I would if I were flying.  My thought was that if I need to bring two bags, it is fine because I am driving.  So, when I tried to lift the bag into the car…..I knew I packed too much!  It wouldn’t have made the limit on luggage weight for flying.  I wanted to have options.  Shoes, shirts, and STUFF!  Have you ever said that to yourself while packing?  The funny thing is that I didn’t wear anything that was in there for options.  LOL!  My colleague that I was sharing a room with brought full size toiletries, which you can do if you drive.

Do you find yourself packing differently based on mode of transportation?

“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. Most definitely! I actually really noticed it on a recent business trip where I had planned on driving. The weather and ice storms came in with such vengeance, and I really didn’t want to cancel my meetings – so I took the train. It was a last minute decision and I had to get all my clothes and work items (computers and equipment) into a carry on bag!!! It was tough. I did it, but that night in the hotel, I noticed I was missing some items that would have been nice to have!


    1. YES! When it changes last minute things are always forgotten. I usually forget something major on my first trip of the year. I am usually out of practice. Trains are a whole other travel packing blog. When flying, I always check and now travel with an iPad. So my airplane travel has become even lighter. Have a great weekend and happy travels!


  2. I definitely pack different when my husband and I drive somewhere. It is very liberating. It is also nice to know that if you find an object that you want to buy…just stick it in the car.


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