One of my best friend’s is celebrating her 50th birthday this month.  So, the foursome gathered in Doylestown for a day of facials, shopping and laughter!  Oh, and of course GOOD FOOD!  If you are wanting a great facial, check out Eden Organics in Doylestown.  We enjoyed an amazing dinner at Vine and Fig.  Everyone’s meal was sooooo good!  If in Doylestown, stop in and see Drew and their staff.  It is a small bistro that has a great family feel!  We had many laughs and had a great time celebrating life, friendship, and birthdays! Enjoy the pictures.

“Travel with Laughter”

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the fabulous day with my three besties. As alway it was a filled with great food, great wine and lots of laughs. I love all of you and are so grateful that I am traveling this journey called life with the three of you.

    Love lots-L

    Helen I love your blog. 😍


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