Personally, I think of these as common courtesies.  That is the way I was raised, you say hello, please and thank you.  However, when you are boarding a plane……they are nowhere to be found.  Everyone has a mission… get their luggage into the overhead!  I have been traveling for 10+ years and I still don’t carry on my luggage.  I do have status with US Air, so I don’t have to pay.  However, the main reason is for the craziness of the boarding process.  You can tell when it is close to boarding time, the space to jetway starts to get clogged with people.  Everyone jockeying for the best spot to be right there for their zone to be called.  (I know I might be using US Air terms, but you get the idea.)  All for the precious overhead space.  I have definitely seen an increase in this with implementation of the baggage fee for most airlines.  Sometimes it has taken 45 minutes to load a plane that is going from Philadelphia to Boston.  By the way, it is only an hour flight!

I have seen fights almost break out for the space overhead.  One time a lady demanded everyone take out their luggage above her seat, because she felt that was her space!  I feel for the flight attendants, when passengers think it is their job to get their overstuffed and too big of a bag into the overhead.  Remember, I “Travel with Laugher” and find it fun to watch.

I am the one who carries her camera bag and purse onto the plane.  Now I don’t even travel with my computer, just an iPAD!!!  It is amazing.  So, I am the one the plane smiling, saying hello, please, and thank you!!  If we all did more of that, the world be a better place.  Or at least our plane rides!

“Travel with Laughter”

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  1. If you ever go to China just before Chinese New Year, you will wonder where manners have gone to. People rushing to get a ticket home will never say Please, Thank You, and they will not smile! More likely to have fights broken out in the crowded train stations.


  2. Great post! So true – I find it amazing that consideration for others has gone so far out the window, whether or not on a plane! I do carry on – although my bag is not the jumbo bags I see some people trying to call carry on! I still bring my computer and my camera with spare lenses, so it takes a little space. What I can never get over – the folks that push the limits with big carry on, bulging computer bags and them put their winter coat up in the over heads with all this stuff. They really are taking the space of 3 people’s carry on! Sit on your coats people! The plane can not leave to everything is securely fastened! i do always try to make a point of saying thanks as I deboard the plane, and hello as I get on. Spread a little kindness – it makes the day brighter for everyone! I think I would like to add “travel with happiness” to your “travel with laughter”!


  3. Your post resonates with me as I’ve been flying a lot between London and geneva and watch the rush to get on, the pushing past, the manouvering and jockeying! And in winter it’s worse as everyone has large heavy outdoor coats too 🙂


  4. Hahaha YES! This is so true. I love being able to laugh when thinking about it. I still bring my laptop on (or a book), and I’ll be right beside you smiling and saying thank you :).


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